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Officer of the Month

Bullet6/30/2009: Officer of the Month: June 2009 - Tom Cunnane, Image - Photo
Gary Delagnes presents Officer Tom Cunnane (Central) with POA Officer of the Month Award
Bullet6/3/2008: Medal of Honor June 2008, Image - Photo
POA Medal of Valor winners Gerald Lyons, Jason Kirchner, Joshua Olson, Daniel A. McDonagh, Erik Whitney, Reginald Scott, Arshad A. Razzak, Gregory M. Buhagiar, and Matthew R. Cole
Bullet10/15/2007: Officer of the Month, October 2007 - Gary DiQuisto, Video - Media Time: 03:00 (min:sec)
Officer Gary DiQuisto from S.F. Interational Airport
Bullet9/4/2007: Officer of the Month, September 2007 - Chuck Simpson, Video - Media Time: 03:00 (min:sec)
Officer Chuck Simpson from Co K
Bullet8/9/2007: Officer of the Month, August 2007 - Gary Peachey, Video - Media Time: 03:00 (min:sec)
Officer Gary Peachey and Officer Will Escobar from Tenderloin Station
Bullet6/29/2007: Officer of the Month, July 2007 - Jose Guardado, Video - Media Time: 02:30 (min:sec)
Officer Jose Guardado from Taraval Station is the Officer of the Month
Bullet6/14/2007: Officer of the Month June 2007 - Mike Walsh, Video - Media Time: 02:20 (min:sec)
Officer Mike Walsh